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Private individuals and the self-employed can complete their tax returns online through the portal site www.taxonweb.beExternal link


Many citizens and employers prefer to contact the government online. So since 2003 private individuals have been able to complete their tax returns online via the Belgian portal site www.taxonweb.beExternal link. Those who are self-employed have also been able to do this, with or without their accountant, since 2004.

The big advantage? Certain data are already filled in, so all the taxpayer has to do is to verify them. The missing data are then filled in by the taxpayer. So duplication of work is avoided, which means a faster settlement. Moreover, the correct completion of the return is immediately verified online.

  • What are the main features of Tax-on-web?
  • The person filling in the form has her or his own secure access to the form;
  • The user receives online help;
  • The self-employed can give their accountant power of attorney to do the return for them;
  • Certain data are completed in advance;
  • The data filled in remain confidential;
  • No supporting documents have to be attached;
  • The person filling in the form immediately receives an acknowledgement of receipt, an electronic copy and an approximate calculation of the taxes.

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